How To Get Domains And Hosting And Work On WordPress

For your online presence and entrepreneurs in the process of starting a new venture or business (that is to elaborate it ) your first step has to open a new Domain name as you can use it for better business management in your future.Which is called as a website it represents your creativity online for everyone.

You can be able to create your websites on Godaddy, America online and many more these type of service provider easily and buy Domain name and storage as your required.You can get online many free web hosting but these are not safe for business and daily bloggers. 

Hosting is a business of maintaining files, serving for one or more websites. Websites have their domain names and set of email addresses. You can also control the server of your website but this power is only given or provided by some hosting companies that is you have your Virtual Server (To control the appearance ).

The traffic of the website is dedicated to a dedicated server machine ( Dedicated hosting ). Dedicated sites are only required for very busy sites. Also, a method called CO-LOCATION in which as an example a company buy its server and place them on a site that provide fast access to the internet.

Example of some Domain names:,, etc.

Domain name extenders:

Then select your Domain name, then select these according to your requirements :

  1. .com
  2. .in
  4. .biz
  5. .site

and many more. See if it is available then buy that domain name.

Simply after buying the Domain name and creating the account, you open your account in server provider and simply open WordPress or other CMS ( Content Management System ) page in your browser.Also you have to buy this WordPress storage after buying the domain name or you can buy some other storing CMS .

You have to be careful when you buying the Domain name because it will represent your business name and many more. By which peoples can easily remember that site and visits.

You have to buy WordPress or any other CMS page for your website creation and appearance on which you can create blogs and publish them with the help of this (apart of these this is used to store your data online).

Also, buy an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) by which you can increase your website performance .When anyone search on any specific topic or business details your website is preferred first by google if the data sites are matching.Which increase your Website Ranking.


It increases your website views and nearly for 1000 views google pays 5$ in your account. You can see your website performance on GOOGLE ANALYTICS (also it is available in android as an application) on WordPress.

You can get a free SSL ( secure sockets layer ). Please use it securely otherwise if it is removed from your DNS then you have to buy it according to their monthly or yearly plan.

Secure sockets layer(SSL) :

The secure sockets layer is generally as networking protocol which is designed to secure the connection between the web server and web clients over an insecure network i.e., our internet which is an Onion. Which always shares the data’s in the form of packets which can easily be changed or trapped.

Now after applying and setting the SSL your website , it becomes  safe or secure. So that it is ready to use for your page visitors and for your site performance, you can go to WordPress or your CMS page and start your blogging. Some basic concepts for beginners are :

Click on POSTS or All Posts

Now press on Add New, type your title in the title box and create your paragraph after that save it as draft and arrange the categories, then publish it. Here you are completed your first step of blogging.

In paragraph describe the purpose of the post and explain it(care about how it will may be addressing a problem to the reader ).
This will give the reader a reason to keep reading and give them a connection to how it will help them to (into blog) improve their mental abilities.
Here’s an example of a post that we think does a good job of attracting a reader’s attention right away.

About Paragraph writing :

  1. Write the introduction about your blog title( on topic about which you are writing.)
  2. Organize your content.
  3. Edit your post, and SAVE your formatting.

Blogging, SEO (search engine optimization) has very wide range,how much you study about them you can easily perform better.


What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page on the Internet form their servers. The technology and services which are required for the website or Web-Page for views on the internet all over the world.

All data are stored into a server that provides the facility to provide them access to your data anywhere as you can store your data’s which are secure in a server, which provide the storage for saving your data.
In which only you can open your hosting page, nearly their in no hacking is possible during the sharing of packets of data with the server.

Generally, there is a service provider in the USA named ICANN which provides the service to some servers which provide the hosting to create your own Web-Page.
That is it provides us to create the domain name which are always be different ( not same domain names can be provided but you can buy it if that domain name Owner tags their domain name on sell. ) by which you can create it as your own website.
Hosting companies require that you own your domain to host with them to increase their business.
If you do not have a domain, the hosting companies will help you purchase one but you have to create your account and then you publish the blogs.


Web hosting makes your site running for 24 x 7 . which is especially very important for eCommerce market place, where interrupted availability may cause you to lose your customers and sales.
The customers who leave your site with negative experience so it may be possible that they never come back on your site. So you have to care about this overall.

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